How do I create a design hook?

I am working to customize the default basic template and love the idea of hooks

but there aren't hooks for everything i need to change. From what I understand its

best to use hooks or create new hooks if they dont' exist rather than mess around the

actual tpl files, but I have no clue how to create new hooks. Can anyone provide the

steps to this or point me to a tutorial that explains this.

Thank you!

Very easy…

{hook name=“”:“”}

content you want to pre, post or override (or even no content)


Where usually correlates to a controller like products, categories, checkout, pages, etc…

and is anything you want that doesn't already exist.

So if you used:

{hook name=“index:my_stuff”}{/hook}

And placed it into any file you wanted, then


will then use that content.

Since there's no content “within” the hook itself, pre, post and override are effectively the same unless used by other controllers.

For PHP hooks, see the series I wrote in the developer's corner forum.

Thank you much! Your a wealth of help on here. I have read a lot of your posts.