How do I change the text in the "Back in Stock" notification email?


I recently upgraded my cs-cart software and am taking advantage of the ability for customers to check the box that says “Notify me when this product is back in stock” when an item is at quantity zero in our store.

I have tested the system and when i change the quantity to have inventory of this item, the email is sent out perfectly.


Dear Customer,

We are writing to inform you that the following product is back in stock in our store:

Welcome to purchase!


However, the only thing i want to do is change some of the text in the email that goes out. Keep in mind that in the end, i am trying to convince people that they want to spend money and buy my products. This should be a well thought out email designed to entice the buyer to click on the link, visit the store and make a purchase.

How can i change the text in this auto-generated email notification?

Thanks so much for any advice!


You can find and change the text in Translation in the admin :-)

Thanks for the tip. I found it… this should work!

[quote name=‘mgpshop’ timestamp=‘1327001479’ post=‘129597’]

You can find and change the text in Translation in the admin :-)


Hi there,

I'm not finding the email text files(“order placed successfully”; could you be a little more specific where to find these? thanks folks

OK, found it under Orders/Order Statuses


search for “order placed successfully”