How do I change size of Lightbox popup image

Hi - I have lightbox to produce a larger image from the thumbnails on the product details page. But some of the images are way too large so that the popup is larger than the screen. So there must be way to set the size of the popup image - I’m assuming I need to change something in this file product_images.tpl but have no idea what to change or what to change it to.

Any help gratefully recieved.



Change the size of the image itself.


Yep, the size is dependent on your image size and the size of the user's screen. The bigger the image, the bigger the lightbox, up to the user's screen size.



Well the lightbox seems to be producing images that are bigger than my screen (21") see here http://www.double-b-…e-armadale.html

I'm having lots of issues with images at the moment so maybe this has something to do with those other problems - I haven't been aware of the lightbox producing these oversize images before.

Here's an example from before these problems started - I'm not certain but the images should be roughly the same size - similar sized books, taken with same camera from same distance etc.

Oh, I see what you mean.

Change your image thing to Fancybox or PrettyPhoto and see what happens.



This seems to have been fixed - loads of permissions were wrong after Martfox moved me to a new server and with these corrected the problem seems to have gone away (I hope)


Update: I think this might have something to do with optimized images. I use photoimpact as image editing software and its possible to optimize images for the web. I did this for a folder of images and I think its these images that I'm having problems with. The same books were uploaded to Ebay and there was a problem with the gallery image - it couldn't be created from the image I uploaded. I don't know for sure if this is the problem but its the best solution I have thus far.