How do I change colors and other items as well...

Ok, well here is my question. I wanted to let you know now that I am NOT a programmer, I do not know css, or html. All the jumble of programming in the folders I could not tell you what it does. However I am a person who follows instructions. Start the install, click next a few times, and before you know it, it's installed. Now change the color of the background, fonts, adding a picture to the background or any of that stuff I have no idea. Is there an wyseg editor on here that would change my colors and fonts and other items without having to do surgery or going back to school to learn a computer language. I need simple instructions. Anyone willing to help would be appreciated. Actually kinda like this program I am in right now to type this question.

This addon by requincreative will help do most of what you want for changing colours, however, I think you'll need to edit the CSS files to change the background, which is very simple to do. Have a play around with the addon to get as near as you can to what you're looking for, then the community can advise further.

Maybe this addon is what you need:


You dont have to edit any CSS-files. The addon lets you edit the colour and style of:

Header, Main & Footer:

Background Color, Image, Position, Repeat


Background, Borders


Color, Text-Decoration

EDIT: Dammit. I was too slow!