How do I chang the height of the slideshow container?

I put


height: 200px !important;


It does not work.

Is this a bug?

.cm-slider-window {
height: 200px !important;

That works. As stated in your other thread, you should avoid core file edits for upgrade purposes.

I tried it but Its still not doing anything.

Anyone know where the documentation for the slideshow container size? Obviously I have the template “overrides concept” mixed up with just copying the basic template in the admin panel and making minor css modifications.

I made a copy of the template and called it basic_ebuysupply it the admin panel. i then modified the base.css or style.css in that ftp directory but any css changes are nor reflected in the front end. Is that not the right process? I don't want to do major template mods, just some css overrides.

There's a little more to it than simply copying the basic folder and renaming the copied folder. It must have a unique theme name in manifest.ini in /design/themes/basic_ebuysupply/

May sound silly, but is your “basic_ebuysupply” theme actually active? The files you mentioned would cause changes on the frontend - despite the fact editing the base files is bad practise - have you cleared your site cache. In V4 it's a little different, use ?cc&ctpl instead of ?cc (ie.

That worked the secret cache url worked! How come they just don't put a clear cache button the admin panel?


In regards to the theme:

I'm not understanding the bad practice you said. If I created the copy of “basic” to “basic_copy2”, is “basic_copy2” going to be overridden? If so where should I put the css changes so it doesn't get overridden in an upgrade?


Look into the my_changes method for making changes - both CSS and template overrides. Doing it this way ensures when, for example, a new version of a particular template is updated in an upgrade, that you only need to update certain parts, instead of reinstating your modifications and checking that they still work.

I recently worked on a template where the store owner had created a copy of the default 'basic' theme in V3.0.1, heavily modified the files within /skins/basiccopy/customer/ and then upgraded to 3.0.6. Some important changes were made inbetween versions which means the template bug fixes between 3.0.1 and 3.0.6 were applied, but all modifications were lost and needed reinstated. If the my_changes method was used, all that would be required would be to look at the new template changes and see if they apply. In essence, anything within a {hook} call in the default template should be checked after an upgrade in your custom template to ensure no variables or new functionality has been added in the upgrade.

As it stands, you will lose your modifications. Fortunately, CS-Cart produces a list in the upgrade process of the customised files which will allow you to make note of the modifications you will have to reapply. Seems painful to me doing that for every upgrade though.