How Do I Assign An Email Template To My Custom Form

I created a custom form. Everything works fine. On submit, it sends me an email with all the form values and responses. From the look of it, it is using the email template labeled "Contact form". I want to create my own email template and assign the custom form to use that one. I created the email template, but I can't find how to assign my custom form to use the new email template.

Email template with the form_builder_form is added on Form builder addon installation. Corresponding data can be checked in the following file (check the email_templates section)


Template is used in the app/addons/form_builder/func.php file

So create new template and use new template_code for specific page IDs

Thank you that was very helpful.

I have another question, I need to be able to display who is sending the form. It is only available to those that have access to admin. The problem is that when they are submitting the form, form builder does not pickup who is logged in.

In the func.php file under the addon form_builder (in the function fn_send_form), I am adding:


The user is logged in the "admin" side, but form builder is redirecting to the root an the results are:

    [area] => C
    [user_id] => 0
    [user_type] => C
    [tax_exempt] => N
    [last_login] => 0
    [order_ids] => Array
[password_change_timestamp] => 0
[is_root] => N
[usergroup_ids] => Array
        [0] => 0
        [1] => 1

[act_as_user] => 
[this_login] => 1557409279
[referer] =>
[ip] =>


You can see the session is not giving me who is logged in the admin side that submitted the form.

How do I get this session data in the form_builder addon?



Different sessions are used in the store-front and back-end. So you should log in the store-front using admin account at first