How do I add Product Reviews to All the products

Hi All

Currently only the featured products has the rating and review features, I need this feature to be added to all the products. How to do I do that



You can’t apply it to all products from within the cart - you would need to make the changes directly to the database.

[COLOR=“red”]** Back up the cscart_discussion table first **[/COLOR]

Execute the following SQL command in your SQL tool (e.g., phpMyAdmin):

UPDATE `cscart_discussion` SET type='[B][COLOR="Red"]X[/COLOR][/B]' WHERE object_type='P';

Substitute one of the following for [COLOR=“red”]X[/COLOR] in the above;

C - Communication

R - Rating

B - Both

D - Disabled

If you are not comfortable with with this, then use the following method.

You can change existing items in bulk using the following procedure:

  1. Go to Catalog->Products and set the “Total items” link to 100
  2. Search for product (I usually do one category at a time)
  3. Tick the checkbox in front of “Code” so that all items are selected
  4. Choose ‘Edit selected’ from the “Choose action” menu
  5. Click the “Unselect all” link
  6. Tick ‘Reviews’ then hit the “Modify selected” button
  7. Click the “apply values to all selected products” link
  8. Tick "Reviews and choose your preference (Communication, Rating or All) from the dropdown menu, then hit the “Apply” button
  9. Hit the “Save” button

    Repeat steps 2 through 9 for each page of search results.


hi Jobosales

Thanks for the reply

I did the database change, but I did not got the review section available. do I have to follow the next set of steps as well?



Do you have “Comments and Reviews” installed and active in the addons?

Yes ! but still I couldn’t get the reviews for all the products enabled


[quote name=‘dreammind’]Yes ! but still I couldn’t get the reviews for all the products enabled[/QUOTE]

What happened? Did it enable the reviews for some additional products or no additional products?


Hi all

Got it sorted…it working fine Thanx for the help given