How do I add a pop-up window?

I decided I needed a simple pop-up for first time customers visiting my site. Too many potential customers don’t understand that (pretty much) all the items on the site are customizable in whatever color they want. So I figure having a pop-up on the page the first time they visit may help.

But I’m not sure how to do this. I like the simple design features found at [URL][/URL] so I went ahead and bought the software. But I am having problems getting it to work on my server. I thought I could simply create a html block and insert the code but it’s not working. I have code that needs to be inserted after the tag. Code that needs to be inserted within the tag and after the tag.

Since there is none of these tags within a blank HTML block I’m not sure how to get it to work. I have even tried a blank “test page” to try and get it to work before I moved onto the block idea but still having issues.

Any help of suggestions is much appreciated.

Well I’m not sure why this is so complicated but it seems to be. And their support seems to not be much help since the cart/server could be the issue. This is what they said:

[QUOTE]There are three things that are needed.

  1. the code in the HEAD
  2. the code in the BODY tag itself
  3. the code within the BODY

    You also must be sure to upload the output files from the “Directory” step in IPO to the correct spot on your server.

    To install in a CMS or other system, you will need to know where to edit the templates.

    We recommend you contact Joomla, Wordpress, or other CMS support to find out where those are in your given template and/or theme that you’re using.

    You need to find out where the tags are created and add code there.

    Then you can add code to the page.

    If you are unable to get to these areas due to limitations of the system you use, then IPO cannot be used.[/QUOTE]

    Not really sure what the CMS part means but if anyone has an idea of how to get this to work I would be thankful.

Is it not as simple as below?? pasted into an html block or page?

your head info should go in here>

your title to go in here

your body code and body info should go in here




I guess the problem I am having is using the tag on a page (or within a block) makes the images in my header disappear. If I could figure out what is causing that I would be getting somewhere.

Personally, I am against pop-ups, they are so 2006. You can have a horisontal div after the header with text describing custom offers that can become visible based on your rules.

Nowadays you cannot be sure if your popup was shown to the user.

The reason I am wanting to go with the pop-up is: even though I have on every page that the decals can be ordered in any color they want, people just seem to overlook it. When coming to my site off Google a potential customer just sees a bunch of black and white images on the screen and they assume that is the only color I offer. A customer has a tendency to just to look for the color they are wanting (even though there is a color chart at the top of the page stating that the decals can be made in whatever color they want). If they don’t see the color they want they will just try another site. Even customers that order from me sometimes tend to use a more expensive order form for custom printed decals since their eye gravitates to the image of the item being in color.

A pop-up would simply make sure that a first time user would understand that the item can be customized to their liking. Even if not everyone sees it, I feel that it would be beneficial. I normally HATE pop up ads that appear on a page but occasionally I really appreciate information pop-ups on a page that help me see something I may have missed.

There is no way you can make a pic where all products with each color in a row… ?

Something like I did once:

Well I have about 4500 different designs on the site with about 30+ color options (really thousands if you count patterns and 2 color options) so it’s not really something I can do with a single image. Though I may opt to do something similar showing a few color options on a generic design. I was planning on doing this in the pop-up but may replace my chart with with something like this. May be a better visual than just the chart. Thanks for the visual.

It’s difficult to help without knowing the installation instructions but my first guess is you are not putting the javascript between smarty brackets, ex:

javascript code


If you know your way with PHP image functions, you can actually pre-generate all thousands with a script or, a little slower on access solution, generate them on demand.


You have in title: For sale wife, gentle, barely used, cooks, cleans, once a month does dishes…

You can break your title by space between the words, look for specific words that you can have in array:


You compare each broken title into words against that array to find a match for the words against the array. So, you would match “cooks,cleans”

Then in description you would pass to PHP this:

[url]Custom Application Development Software for Business -

This would scan $_GET for set keywords with foreach($_GET as blah) and compare them to the allowed array (security check) and then it would go and grab only those pics that are defined:



Also, $_GET is limited on space, 256 char? Maybe co&cl will do. Depends on your max combination.

Then it would create an image collage of some sort and pass back the image. It would return to the browser in a form of an image that shows a frying pan and a broom next to each other…

Or it can search an array of pre-generated images, find the right filename, open the image and pass it back as a stream…

Sure, you can have “cooking+cleaning.jpg” but the words must be in a specific order, cleaning+cooking it will not find, thus, you can sort array by alphabet and then implode it with + sign or something…

Sno, you are correct. I have no idea how to insert this into a smarty template since the instructions are designed to be inserted into an html page. So I’m not sure where this code needs to be inserted I have just been inserting it directly on on the page…which is causing issues…which is why I made this post.

Oh yeah…here is a basic idea of what I am trying to do. As you can see the way I have it set up, my logo in the top left isn’t there until you click off the page.