How can update cargo delivered and the order status completed?

We process orders using the API (“”) with the shipping status shipped.
When the order placed for this cargo reaches the customer, we want to make the cargo delivered and the order status completed.

We use the put method as written in the documentation. But the cargo status and order status do not change.
How can you help this problem ?


Don’t know what do you mean by “cargo”, but in order to change the order’s status you have to send the PUT request to the orders API entity, with the status parameter present in the body of the request.

I am making it for the order, it has been shipped(POST METOT). I want to make it delivered using the “PUT” method when it is delivered. When I send a request to the API like this, a response is returned. When I check from the panel, the status of the order has not changed. Where am I making a mistake?

Unfortunately I don’t know. Everything looks correct, especially taking to account the answer from API’s side.

You can contact us via Help Desk on this issue.