How can unregistered customers look up their order?

Hi all!

In my store (2.2.4) I have the ability for the customers not to register…since some customers do not like to have to register with the store just to buy an item.

Once they place the order, the do receive the e-mail order receipt and the order is now in the system as it should… but if they come back to to see if the order was shipped (they might now know that the store will send them a order completed message or shipping message), how can they find their order and see the status if they never registered?

I tried a search through the forum to see if this was already discussed but could not find anything.

I guess is there something out there like a 'order lookup' feature? So unregistered customers can click it and enter their order # and zip/postal code…then be taking to a regular order information screen with the order details/status/option to print invoice/etc.

Thanks everyone!


I thought they can track an order by their email address

In 2.2.1+ (at least, perhaps before then) this functionality is included in the 'My Account' block type. You should be able to enter Order ID # or e-mail address and an e-mail shall be sent with order status information.


Thank you for the info! With my online store layout, the My Account side box is disabled … I will have to try and blend that in with my custom skin.

-Tim H.