How can I upgrade from 3.02 to 3.03?

Hi, I just noticed the new update today. This is my first time to upgrade after installing and setting my store. My questions is, how can I upgrade from 3.02 to 3.03 without changing anything that I've done for the store. I'm talking about products, database, and specially the changes in the store look that I made in the style.css in the skin/customer folder. All I want is to update without effecting my work.

I'd appreciate the help

40 views in 24 hours without a single answer!! Wow… then how do you guys upgrade?!

Just backup your custom changes (css files, etc), press update and see what happens. Should work fine.

If you are using the “my_changes” ad don to customize the files then back this up before you upgrade and then once done do the upgrade from within back admin. Once this is done copy the “my_changes” files back via FTP and all should be ok.

Obviously if any template functionality is effected by the upgrade you will have to compare and make tweaks to the files manually.