How can I take out Email field in Shipping Address

Is there a setting to opt out the email address for when customers right down the shipping addresses?

Under Customers>Profile Fields>Email

My setting is not editable, Am i missing something?


Seems a bit silly. In 3.0.6, the Shipping Address E-mail field on the Profile Fields page has a single radio box (Show) and a checkbox (Required). If you click the radio and save the page, you can only remove the radio if you click the Edit link next to e-mail, which on the Edit page, 2 checkboxes are displayed. Surely must be a bug to have a radio on one page and a checkbox on the other to control the setting…unless anyone else can explain this bizarre setup. The e-mail field is required as default and there is no way to make it optional or not required at all without core modifications by the look of it.

I agree with you, its a bit silly indeed. I had a feeling it needed to be customized. Thanks alot for the quick response!

Which version are you using? I've just checked a 3.0.6 install, checking out as both a registered user and as a guest does not present the e-mail field for the Shipping address, only for the Billing address.

Hi, I have CS-Cart: version 3.0.2 PROFESSIONAL

I presume you have good reason to still be on 3.0.2 but unfortunately this was a bug which was fixed in V3.0.4 - see the respective changelog. You could either upgrade, or ask CS-Cart via the Helpdesk to provide you with the necessary code changes, which they may, but not always, do for you.

Ah! I see, thanks for the help, I will contact help desk for those code changes.