How can I remove Checkout >> link?

Going direclty to registration by-passes Paypal Express checkout and estimate shipping options. This confuses customers and they leave.

  1. Where can I find the code to disable the two Checkout>> links. One on the homepage and one in the basket/cart? I assume its the top.tpl file but i’m lost when I see all that code. Please help.

  2. Can I change it to View Cart instead?

I too have thought about doing this. You can switch to single page checkout to fix the problem. But I don’t like single page checkouts that really aren’t single page checkout like CS. So I have stuck to multistage checkout which can cause customer to miss their discout options.

I don’t have the info handy because I’m at my regular job but all you need to do is find the code for the View Cart link on your home page and change all of the Checkout links to the same code so that no matter what link your customer clicks on will go directly to the Cart then you can send them to Checkout from there.

I have this set up in my cart (using multi-page checkout) because I have many customers using discount and don’t want them to miss the opportunity to enter them. They would be very unhappy customers!

You can see this on my site but please do NOT put an order all the way through as my store is live.

Hope this helps!

Does anyone know which file it is?

There should be multiple files that you have to update because cart links and checkout links are located in the Header/Top as well as at the View Cart page. You can enable Customization which will make it much easier for you to find the file to change. Do you know how to do that?

Added: It looks like the cart_status.tpl located in /skins/artificial_casting/customer/views/checkout/components has the links for the View Cart links/buttons. I removed the Checkout link that was located in the top of my skin so I didn’t have to change that link. That link is probably in a different template since it’s not part of the cart status. Again, the Customization mode (Design > Design mode > Enable customization mode) is the best way for you to find the places where you need to make your changes and it works great so you should really get familiar with it.

Also, just a side note - I am using 2.0.8 so don’t know if the paths above are different if you’re using a different version.

I removed the checkout text in translation mode and can’t get it back. Can you guide me where the text is stored?

Go to your Admin then go to Content > Languages. Search for the word checkout and see if the blank field comes up in your list. You’ll have to type in the word Checkout again for the value to get the link to reappear on your customer side.

Hope that works for you.

I removed the below code in the …/skins/(your skin name)/customer/views/checkout/components/cart_status.tpl and the checkout button has now gone, yeah!

Now just going to find out where the code is for the button is in the small view cart box.


Thanks scase. I learn something about CS cart every day.

Ignore my last posts. The small checkout link on all pages, in the floating box and mini basket box need changing to direct the checkout buttons to the view cart page. Just change the two files below using the Design>templete ediitor.


change both instances of dispatch=checkout.checkout to dispatch=checkout.cart


change dispatch=checkout.checkout to dispatch=checkout.cart


Anything else to do other than these changes.

I make the changes, cleared the cache and now when I add a product to the cart and go to the cart, there is nothing in the cart. cart is empty.

Have not had this problem before making the changes.




I didn’t do anything else except for what was mentioned by San. I’m not sure why your cart would not keep your products.

Looks like I have to try changing back.

All I did was to change checkout.checkout to checkout.cart and now the products are added to the cart, but when I do go to the cart, the cart is empty.


Just to let you know I have tested my shopping cart with the changes. Products add to the cart successfully. Not sure why you are getting this issue. Let us know if you find out.

You may try uploading the file again. I have had problems several times on doing simple mods like this where it seems the file gets corrupted during the upload. I’ll do the mod, then the store (or some part of it will stop functioning). So I go to download the file I just updated and it isn’t quite right when I look at. Then I’ll re-upload and everything works fine. I know it’s odd but has caught me off-guard on a handful of occasions because of this upload error.