How can I post in the other Categories?

What must I do to be able to post in the main board? I want to talk to someone before I buy. I have some questions. No body responds to my messages with the contact form. Please advise.


you will be very restricted as to what you can do. I had the same problem. Some questions will be moderated before reply s are be published. if you got a trial you might find you have some message somewhere to give you more the forum.

Once you buy you will have full access. shame because this is most probably when you have loads of questions that you want answers to. keep persevering and be as patient as possible.

Hi Gary Cart

You need to register for the trial, you will then get details that you sign up with the forum giving you more access.

Its not very clear and I believe looses CS money in the long run

It’s unfortunate that things have to be done this way but we were having issues with spammers and we were spending alot of time deleting spam instead of helping. Blame the spammers and not CS-Cart.

Ok, well in the meantime while im waiting for my posting privledges. can someone please answer a few questions for me?

  1. Once i pay for a license, will CS Cart be dependent on any other website or will it be completely contained on my site?

  2. When a customer submits the registration form, i notice that there is no confirmation that they just registered. The form data remains in the form with no acknowledgement that the form was submitted. The only thing that happens is that they become logged in. Is this normal?