How can I change the size of my thumbnails?

Hi there,

I'm currently working on a design and we currently have a sidebar with Best Sellers to the right on every page. The customer like this idea, but they would really like the thumbnails to be larger (right now, they're set at 70 x 70 by default?)

Is there a way I could change this? I tried looking in the .tpl files but came up empty handed.

I've included a screenshot.




You may have been looking at products_links_thumb.tpl. But in this file it calls links_thumb.tpl

If you are using the Best Sellers then you go to

/skins/[color=#0000ff]YOUR SKIN NAME[/color]/customer/blocks/list_templates

and edit links_thumb.tpl

You will see something like

image_width=“70” image_height=“70”

Hope that helps.



That worked! Thanks so much! :)