How can i change the logo in the admin area?

My client wants to immerse himself in his own business and has asked me if i can change the CS-Cart logo in the admin sections to his own logo.

I tried to talk him out of it a bit, but he is really keen to just see his own name.

anyone have any solutions for this?

BTW - i’m absolutely loving some of your guys work and feedback. Just want to add that when i ‘upgraded’ from 2.03 to 2.04, i lost almost all my work and had to start from scratch (tho as usually is the case, my rebuild looks heaps better than the work i lost).

In the past 2 weeks i have been posting some dumb, and not so dumb questions. When I discovered the answers for myself, i always posted my findings on the threads that i created - to answer my own questions.

I’m stoked i did, as i have had to refer back to them for the re-build, and it has helped me immeasurably. I hope that some way down the track, it wilol help others who are having breakdowns, tearing out their hair and playing with the absolute disaster situation of throwing in the towel.

Am not suggesting community members spam the forum with ****, but if you have a problem, then discover a fix, no matter how benign, please post it.

People like me can often find solutions in this kind of post.

thanks again to all who tried




You haven’t said which version your using, this is for v2.*

Admin -->> Design -->> logos, scroll down.

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  1. Log into Admin
  2. Click on Design tab
  3. Click on logos tab

    Scroll down