How Can I Cancel My Hosting Contract ?

Hello brothers and sisters again :-) Just wanted advice how about canceling my dedi contract

I were with tagadab a 7 months ( not bad experiences but terible support for shopping cart ( last time I was two days without web because the hdd has gone :-(

I decided for anothere hosting company and moved everything there

Today I sent email about canceling my dedi hosting but aswer was we are not able to do because you have contract for 12 months :-( and som warning if I will cancel my payment by card they will give us to debt agency :-( ok what you think guys have I any chance do that ? I was thinking about small court ? or trading standard ? I went from them becouse I do not like it their service anymore !!!

Please could you advice anyone what I need do as a first step ?


This is not legal advice, but depending on which country you are in, but in most a contract is only worth the paper is written on. If its a case you are cancelling due to bad service then. Who is in breach of a contract if one exists.

My two cents worth is cancel your payment, send them an email informing them that you will be invoicing them €800 per item for any further correspondence to reply to any contact by them as (principle) or an agent (representative) Debt agency.

If they contact you further they are accepting the invoicing terms.

If they persist, send them an invoice. If they give your name to a debt agency. Follow them in the small claims court for payment of same.