How Can I Add The Slide Counter To The Image Gallery On The Frontend?

Am trying to implement the slide count that will show current and total number of sliders (1/10) on the grid image gallery.. I know this is possible because i think it use the carousel slider but can't get it to work, i have attached an image of the grid slider and how the counte looks like on another site



It is required to examine documentation of old Owlcarousel version

Please can you explain further, i can't seem to find the owlcarousel responsible for the image gallery

You can find this code in js/tygh/product_image_gallery.js

What CS-Cart version do you use?

Thank you very much ! You are very helpful !

If I want to change the background for the subscribe and social network sections from Black to White, and change the words color from white to black, how to do ?

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Very appreciate !

I suggest you to use CSS section of the Theme editor to add necessary styles

This would be modern way to display image count