How Can I Add A Checkbox To Delete Multiple Products From Cart List?

How can I add a checkbox to delete multiple products from cart list?.


Can you just set quantities to zero?

Can you just set quantities to zero?

I need it like I show you in the image.

You will have to do custom modification. I was trying to explain how to do it without modification. If you want to manipulate cart objects from selection you will have to add the selectors (checkboxes) to the template, then have a custom controller (addon) that can sense the POSTing of those selected items and perform the operation defined by the button.

So can't give you an answer here how to do it your way. It requires development and implementation of code modifications and I would expect that this could NOT be done purely as an addon. It will require code code changes.

If you want to send your requirements, be happy to give you a quote for doing this work. You can clcik the "get a quote" link in my signature if you would like this quoted.

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