How Can Guest Users Track Their Orders?

Immediately after placing an order, guest users can request tracking information (see attachments). A link is sent to their email account, which they can click on to track their order.

However… if the guest user signs out or clears their cookies, then comes back later, there's no way to request a tracking link because they can't sign in!

Is there any way for guest users to get tracking information after that first opportunity has passed?

I am afraid, additional code modifications are required to do it.

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I am afraid, additional code modifications are required to do it.


Thanks for the response.

I don’t understand why it was done that way. The “tracking info” email link is effectively a temporary login so guest users (who don’t have an account) can check their order.

Immediately after placing the order, the guest user is already “logged in” and can inspect their order anyway, so the tracking info request is superfluous.

Yet in the case where it would be useful- i.e. later on, after they are logged out- there is no way of making the tracking (login) request because in effect… you have to be logged in to make the login request?!! :confused:

(The actual mechanism- using a link containing a key sent to the email address associated with that order- is fine, and if you didn’t have to be logged in to request it, would be quite sensible).

I am writing my own add-on anyway, and can probably work round this, but it doesn’t make any sense. Can anyone explain it?

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It is designed so for many years. You can post the issue to the bug tracker. Possibly CS-Cart team will change this behavior

I posted it to the bug tracker and it appears that you can request it via the “My Account” drop-down at the top right (at least it is in the theme we're using).

The problem is that if you click on the “orders” link, you get taken to the sign-in page. Guests have to enter the order number in the dialog box on the dropdown itself.

Slightly confusing that the behaviour is different in both cases (I'd have liked a “guest users check your order” on the sign-in page anyway), but I still maybe should have spotted that before(!)

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