How 2 products combine the final one final product?

I want to set up a store with T-shirt prints.

I have…

  • 10000 prints
  • 70 types of t-shirts, polos etc
  • 20 types of bags
  • 60 other different products that can be printed…

    Till now the strategy is like this…

    The customer visits the store and looks arround for a nice print…

    The question is… how he will choose the product where he wants the print on?

    Is there the possibility of choosing the print and after that to choose the product and all together in the same order?

    So the final order to be like this… t-shirt+print(with the special preferences as color size etc)

    Of course all these are already submitted as products in the cart and you can select them as single products…

    Thanx in advance!

I tried to with the combinations and it seems to work a little bit…

But the thing is that it changes the picture of the first product…

I had in my mind something like… a pop up menu to choose by click and in the final order to see 2 pictures, one of the desired print and one of the desired product(wich will be printed).

Is it clear enough…? My english are poor so I try to explain with examples…

Thanx again!


It does not work this way…

At least is it possible to do something like this…

To shoose from drop down menu shirt/Bag/Cup (let’s say I choose shirt)

And depending on the option… there will be another drop down with the options like t-shirt/polo/jersey

Of course pictures/phootos will acompany everychoise

Please someone answer… I ll shoot myself!

I do not want to believe that noone ever asked like this!!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanx again !!!

It sounds like you may be trying to do something like this:


My example has quite a few product options, but you have tons more than that. It really makes it hard for the customer with so many options, all displaying at the same time.

It might work better for the customer to order in stages.

1] select print

2] select object to print on

3] select bag type

They would have to add to the cart 3 separate times, but it could be done.

If this idea interests you, you can use the “Related Products” tab. First you build all your products. Then you use the Listmania option to select related products.

You’d end up with something like this Example.

Good Luck

Hondo how did you add the addon options?

I can achieve the same result by using checkboxes?

Is it possible to have pictures of the addon products next to their names(so is not necessary to click to an addon option to see it)?

But it seems that I need a combination of the solutions you sugested!

Let me try to explain…

The “related products” is a wonderful solution cause I can have the products where I want to print on. Also I can configure them seperately (color,size, brand etc).

I tried to set the price of the pint as 00.00$ and not able to be added in the cart(when price is 00.00). And have the related products to define the final price.

Of course this does not work cause for cs-cart those are different products! So I cannot even add the product in the cart.

In the other hand “addon options” could do the job BUT:

I should add as addon options seperately all the types of products (t-shirts, jerseys, bags, cups etc…) in all the brands, in all colors and in all sizes… That means over 3 hundreds of addon options. Thing that makes dificuld the navigation for the customer. Not to consider that he have to click in every addon option to see a picture of it…

So the solution is a combination of related products and addon option.

Is there something to suggest?

A nice idea would be a pop up menu with the addon-related-products where the customer could click and configure the product where he wants to print on.

If I contact a CS Developer from the forum you think could develop something like this?

I think for the experts here something like this is a kind of easy.

Thanx hondo!

did you try using the product configurations?

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Yes I tried the product configurations…

When the customer trys to buy, when he adds the “addon” product the price changes and the product seems to be added in the cart.

But not even the photo from the print is viewable… the photo from the t-shirt either…

Can I change the way of view of the addon products to make it like related products?