Hot deals block - length of truncated product name

Please see attached screenshot of the hot deals block. Can anyone tell me what is controlling the length of the truncated product name? I would ideally like it at least twice as long.

In addons/hot_deals_block/blocks/hot_deals.tpl I have found:

but the “truncate:50” seems to govern the length of the alternative text if a product image is missing but I’m not sure. I can’t find what’s affecting the product name at all.


hot deals block.jpg


Seems like you got it. Not sure why you are afraid to try. Set 50 to 150, save, clear cache, refresh…

Thanks. Actually I did try that (and other figures) in hot_deals.tpl and although I could shorten the text I couldn’t lengthen it (which is what was puzzling me).

Mainly by luck I have just found the solution. In hot_deals.tpl there is:

{script src=“addons/hot_deals_block/js/”}

I found that javascript file and altered line 283 which said

var len = 24;


var len = 48;

Customers can now see the name of the product which helps!

Hmm, in other places to remove the shortened text for full size I edited product_data.tpl around line 28


{capture name=“name_$obj_id”}

{if $show_name}


{elseif $show_trunc_name}






Original line is in {**} and new one right below

Thank you. I did a search for “truncate” inside the skins directory and found numerous files. This helped me find the file for product titles (as opposed to sidebar links).