Hosting/Server Admin Help

Anyone with a vast amount of server/apache/mysql expereince would like to help me out with my VPS server? I have been having issues with server speed and I am looking for some consulting help. I pay in bikini’s for your wife/girl friend/sister :cool:

PM me or e-mail me.


You post your problems here so, other can learn from answers. I’ve done my VPS and it looks good. For me :wink:

First thing to figure out is what might be chewing up your server. I found that by using the following 2 lines in robots.txt that the load on the server decreased by more than 50%.

Crawl-delay: 2.0
Request-rate: 30

The first is for Yahoo and says only do 2 pages/minute. The second is for Google and says to do a page every 30 seconds. I was amazed to see the difference this made.