hosting requirements

i am looking at going to vitual dedicated… and wondering what resources i will really require… - i am planning on hosting - two sites… one that does about 30-40 thousand uniques per day-- with about average of 10 page views per —and maybe 7-10k products… and second i hope will do about 80% of this…////

what processor requirements do you think i need… memory…/??

40,000+ hits a day? I’d get a Co-Located Dedicated server no doubt, top of the line everything, dual processors, you name it get it…

Yes, you would need a dedicated server to handle this much traffic.

2Gigs ram minimum

Sorry - did i say 30-40k uniques per day… i meant – about 3000- 4000 uniques(sessions) per day… with average of 10 page views each… i do about 30,000 page views(hits) per day…

assessment still the same?

[quote name=‘xmivite’]assessment still the same?[/QUOTE]