Hosting for cs-cart store

Hello, our sites works on godady dedicated server but load them very slow, even very very slow,please write good hosting for them, my site, please write your site name and hosting for compare.Several months ago i found site which work on cs-cart store very fast, in IE too, but now i can’t find it. Thanx, i’m waiting your offers.

slow on a dedicated server?

[quote name=‘snorocket’]slow on a dedicated server?[/QUOTE]

Yes, very slow, it isn’t real.

Wow that’s horrible…can’t really seem to load any pages. I went with Hostgator and couldn’t be happier. Their support is super & get answers within 12 hrs when I email with any questions. If you want the URL of my site to compare feel free to PM me.

I moved to godaddy from startlogic because I needed SSH and I am sorry I did. I am on shared hosting but their servers are slow as snails regardless. I am also looking to move. Startlogic shared hosting was excellent, lightning speed, but they don’t support SSH.

ps: The larger the company the worse the service. IMO