Host Gator created a 500 Error

Hostgator created a huge issue…

Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m — looking into case #S-####### I understand how important it is to have your website back up and running. I’m happy to assist you with this.

From the escalation notes, I understand the website _________ is not loading. I was able to replicate the error On further check it appears to be the issue due to your script not compatible with the older PHP version or it’s configurations also please note that the 5.* version of PHP are deprecated and it’s recommended to update the scripts to work on the newer version of PHP.

  • On further review, your server is missing newer version of PHP’s and your VPS server is old [Start Date 02/19/2010], your current OS version is CloudLinux release 6.10 (Final).

In order to install newer version of PHP’s and sites to work on newer version of PHP. I recommend updating to CentOS 7 which is actively supported by cPanel. The best way to upgrade, with little to no downtime, would be to purchase a new Server provisioned with CentOS 7, but it would also have the most recent stable cPanel version, PHP 7.4, 8.1, and MySQL 5.7 installed.

  • *Also, We upgraded our VPS platform to a Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). The KVM VPS platform is a more modern, robust, open-source virtualization technology built into Linux. Thus, our VPS packages will provide more control, updated tooling, and the ability to use more current operating systems in the future.


  • ( Immediately after this happend we received a 500 error code, and they haven’t been able to fix it since Friday)


Here’s the guide to know more about the VPS servers:

Once the new server has been purchased and the content has been migrated, you can contact your developer to make sure the site will work on newer versions of PHP also if needed, older versions of PHP (5.4 and newer) will still be available as well. However, the newer software versions being the default for the sites is why we advise the upgrade.

  • I like my current version of CS-Cart, I haven’t had any issues until HG migrated my website to a different server. All the mods work well and the website is quick, so I don’t want to upgrade my cart. I just need someone to help me make changes to VPS to get it to work.

Our free migration services are provided as a courtesy within the first 30 days of signup with a new server (see details in the link below). Therefore this upgrade will not entail an extra charge on your part.

Once the new server is fully provisioned, you can submit a transfer request by logging into the customer portal and navigating to

Afterward, our migration department will assist in transferring the content between the old and new servers. When the migration process is complete and you find everything to be in order on the new server, the DNS can be set to point to the new server for a seamless transfer. Then, a cancellation request can be submitted to cancel the old VPS server.

I hope this email contains all the necessary information’s. Please get back to us if you require any additional info. We are happy to help you.

  • I have 95 support tickets available and I can’t buy any extra from CS_Cart help desk. I typically don’t run into problems so their $3600 subscription seems like overkill. Any suggestions? Up until last Friday, I haven’t had a CS-Cart problem in years hence my reasoning for sticking with my current version. I would like to keep my current version if possible. I doubt I could find his e-mail at this point. I’m not sure which version I have because my website is down, but my last upgrade was July 27th 2016.

I followed Host Gator’s recommendations and bought a new server plan. They migrated the website and all is functioning now.