Homepage error

Hoping someone can assist me here…

I am working on a new site - havent done any tpl changes yet - was basically a fresh install - yesterday I loaded 150 products manually one by one from the current site into the new database - system was still working - then I wanted to clean up the pages, forms, topics etc - so i went into admin manage pages, deleted all, manage forms, deleted all, manage topics deleted all… then i proceeded to create 5 new pages, and just then went to the homepage and I am getting this error:

Database error: 1054 : Unknown column ‘page_inner_id’ in ‘where clause’

Invalid query: SELECT page FROM cscart_page_descriptions WHERE lang_code=‘EN’ AND page_inner_id=‘’

Never seen this before, checked the cscart_page_descriptions table and there is no column called that -

Any ideas please - sent a request to cart support, but no reply yet - kind of desperate to get this resolved so I can make design changes…


version 1.3.5 sp2 by the way.

Check the bug tracker for that error.

I know it’s fixed, just can’t find the url at the moment


you are always a great help - thanks for this - never looked there in all this time before - found an article which seems to be my case:


question is - doesnt tell me what to change - looks like I have to do something in the func.php file or do I get that file from cs-cart?

I think I understand the info now - trying