Homepage blocks not updating?

Hi all, question I have is whether or not this is something I can fix.

I have all my products in the catalog. I also have many of these same items setup on the homepage as product blocks in “grid” mode.

We have 2 different sets of discounts we change at different times. One is a 10% and one is 30%. They work beautifully in the catalog, but they do not seem to update the homepage blocks whenever we switch from one to the other.

What I have to do is actually go to one of the homepage blocks and change something. Then all of a sudden it picks up the changes.

Why isn’t it automatic? Is there any way to make it where we change the global incentive and the homepage picks up the prices without needing to go change something??

Try clearing your cache after making the change.


Perfect thanks! Really appreciate the help. There are certainly things that make me sweat a little when I see them :slight_smile: