Home Page Design


I’m wanting to modify my home page with smaller “product blocks” (don’t know the correct terminology) to look similar to the way this website does: [url]http://www.gardenersedge.com/Default.aspx?redirect=default-/subcat.cgi?cat=rocke[/url]

The product blocks I am referring to are the smaller blocks filled with products in the middle of the page. There are 2 rows of them on this website. I am assuming that this would be a custom design? Am I wrong? I know you can modify the width of a block under Design/Block, but feel this might be too limiting.

Anyone with thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you



The exact layout in terms of size of product icon/thumbnail and how many across will depend on your skin, but I’m pretty sure that you can replicate similar product thumbnails/icons layout to the site you linked to in your image just by creating a block with Group=“Central”, Block content = “Products” and Appearance type =“Grid” - which products get displayed will depend on what you choose for Filling, of course. Don’t know if that answered your question, but hope it helps.


I will give that a try. Thank you!