Home Icon On Menu?

Has anyone tried adding a home icon to the top main menu? Some customers have a hard time figuring out how to get back to the home page and don't know you can click on the logo at the top of the store. If anyone has done it and knows what code needs to be added that would be great. Thanks.


I haven't tried it but dropping this just above the foreach in template/blocks/topmenu_dropdown.tpl ought to do it:

  • That has got me closer but doesn't seem to work right yet. I probably need to upload a home icon and link it to the item-drop class in css? Any other ideas on how to implement this? Thanks for all of the help.

    you have to surround your home with


    home icon

    When ever you click on this it will redirect you to home page.

    Perfect! Everything looks good. Now if I could only get the home icon link to show as active it would be great. How can I get the icon to show as active in css when on the home page? Thanks for all of the help guys!

    Try this:

  • home icon