Hire Developer - give me a bid (1.3.5-SP2)

I need an “UPDATE” function on the product detail page like the one on the cart pages.

This might seem a little strange since they havn’t as yet put the item in the cart but here’s the situation -

I have engraving options that combine a font option (dropdown box) with an inscription in an option textarea. I’ve added a “PREVIEW” link that displays the product with the customers inscription and font choice in a pop-up.

This works fine on the cart pages where the customer can use “UPDATE” to change his inscription/font and then preview the new choices. Now the client likes this so much he wants to include it on the item detail page (previously we had removed all options from the detail page).

The problem of course is that the detail page is displayed with a blank inscription box and the default font selected. Once they enter an inscription and font, without an “UPDATE” button, there’s no way to get this new data to my “PREVIEW” function.

I would be open to another solution. Version 1.3.5-SP-2.

Email me at warren@AnnArborAlive.com

I’ll give you a link to my test install.