Hidpi Add-On Major Bug In Cs-Cart 4.3.5

I will save some others the trouble of some grief not being aware of this problem.

There are two, what I consider major bugs, they consider minor, on HiDPI add-on when upgrading to 4.3.5.

1. (Any device) With HiDPI enabled, when using a scroller, like hot deals, etc. when you click the navigation arrows to scroll, the scroller forgets the thumbnail set size at random and sometimes the images are loaded huge. This happens on any browser or device and has been confirmed by CS-Cart as discovered by me. They are telling me 45 days to fix :( If anyone can help figure this problem out When you turn off HiDPI add-on the problem is solved, however this is not a solution for me.



After Scrolling


and brand scroller same problem:


2. (iPhone/iPad only) With HidPI enabled, on iOS devices like iPad or iPhone, product thumbnails disappear at random. Sometimes they show sometimes they don't when page is loaded, turning off HiDPI solves the problem.


These are both urgent as for as site cosmetics go, when a customer sees these types of problems on a site, they run to the next one, it doesn't speak highly of your company. I cannot believe these items passed QA Testing before 4.3.5 was released. An urgent fix from CS-Cart is the proper solution, but if anyone else knows how to fix these to help all of us with 4.3.5 it is greatly appreciated!