Hiding Products From A Specific Storefront Help

Hi Everyone!

I have a cs-cart site with two store fronts (Storefront A & Storefront B). I have created all the products using Storefront A before creating Storefront B and selecting 'Share Products'.

They will share most products however I want some products to only show on Storefront A as well. Not storefront B.

When I try to mark the product as hidden on Storefront B I get an 'access denied' error.

I would appreciate any help or advise on how to hide certain products from Storefront B.

Thank you in advance :)


Only the product owner can block them. You can not disable the product on only one store. If you do not want to show up on storefront B you have to cause that it will not be shared - delete categories in product from storefront B.

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Thank you for the reply!

It is not how I hoped it would work but your answer should help me figure things out.

Thanks again!!!

Please check Share Products section here


Thank you for the replies. I have simply removed the unwanted products from any of the site categories which has worked as intended.