Hide Quantity Option?

Hi there.

I am running [color=#000000]CS-CART: version [/color]2.2.1 PROFESSIONAL on my website which sells custom items. In my order form I have options for duplicate copies of their custom item, which illuminates the need for a product quantity option.

Question is how do do I get rid of this? Is there an option in admin to eliminate the product quantity box from products, etc?

I see in the template editor, products_qty.tpl. Do I need to code this out somehow?

Please help.

I can't find an answer on these forums.


I read another post. I have figured out how to remove quantity from the product pages but I can't get it removed from the shopping cart. The cart itself still shows a QTY: price X a space for a number and a total. I just want to post their total and not give the customer the ability to adjust the quantity. Is this possible?