Hide Qty Prices From Account Customer Group

Is there any way to hide quantity pricing from being displayed to a logged in customer which is part of a customer group.

Example Price

Qty 1 $45.00 User Group: All

Qty 4 $42.00 User Group: All

Qty 1 $40.00 User Group: Corporate

When the Corporate user is logged in, he sees $40.00 price, but also sees 4 Qty $42.00 price, which is confusing since it's higher.

Basically just want to have a way to just how his price of $40.00



Try to post this issue to the bug tracker


Don't apply 'All' to that discount but instead use the groups where you want it applied. Note that Corporate is by definition a part of All. I don't think it's a bug as you describe it.

The problem comes that I need the qty discount to show for both guests and and people logged in who are not corporate accounts. If can specify group to be guest, but if I specify as registered user, then that also is including all user groups that are logged in.

Yes, registered would also be inclusive of Corporate group. This has been cs-cart functionality since day one. Good luck getting it fixed/changed in the core. Seems like proper behavior would be that when someone logs in and they are a member of any groups, then 'Registered' would NOT apply to them. Maybe a better name would be 'Logged in and no groups".

You'd have to change the logic in the core files to get that behavior. I don't believe there are any hooks related to extending the pricing.

You can use the get_product_data_post hook in the fn_get_product_data function (app/functions/fn.catalog.php) to correct value of the $product_data['prices'] array