Hide Product Title

hello everyone .

i use 2 different layouts , one for desktop and one for mobile.
in home page of mobile i want to hide product title.
i need to add a selectable box like "hide add to cart " where i can hide product title in that box.

is this even possible ?

Unfortunately, no. But product titles can be hidden with CSS. If you provide us with the URL of your website, we can try to give your corresponding code

sory for late replay. already resolved. many thanks for taking the time to respond to my request

The suspense is killing me! How did you do it?

I know Bootstrip 2.x isn't super robust but I expect it can be done via CSS. Did you do something like this?

@media only screen and (max-width: 600px) {
  my-desktop-element {
    display: none;

Yes, for example on the default theme you can add the following code to the CSS section of the theme editor

  .ty-product-block-title {
    display: none;