hide admin items

In the old 1.35 days it was easy to remove menu items you didnt want to show in admin - I have been trying to find out which tpl to change to remove items like skin selector, template editor etc. in 2.1.1 version

anyone know? I know from the top.tpl it looks like it is being pulled from $navigation.static or something


bump - nobody ever removed an admin item? I just thought is a big thing - dont want client selecting a different skin or something like that.


Just in case anyone is looking how to do this in 2.2.1 here is how.

If the menu item is a standard item such as orders, customers, shipping & taxes etc. edit the menu.xml file in the schemas/menu/ directory.

If it is part of an addon (such as RMA) find the menu.post.xml file in the addon directory such as - addons/rma/schemas/menu/