Hidden User-Customer

Hello, I saw that there is an option to turn a customer’s status into hidden instead of active/disabled. But I don’t know what’s the difference between a disabled and hidden customer.

I failed to find an ability to hide customer on the clean installation

yeah I was able to do it using the API request to edit the customer data and change the status to “H”. I just don’t know what does it mean for a customer to have status hidden.

Looks like if you set “M”, it will have the “M” status. It looks like a bug, received data is not validated

Ok but the hidden option is shown in the cs-cart API documentation

@CS-Cart_team please answer


The status H (Hidden) is not used anywhere by the Users entity in CS-Cart by default. This is the error in the documentation, I have created a new task for the tech writer to update this article.

As for the validation, it’s not expected as third party add-ons may extend the possible statuses and we don’t intend to put spokes in the wheel for third party developers :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing my attention to this problem.

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