Hidden Products & Per Order Surcharge

Hidden Products - Currently our choices are Available and Unavailable. I would like to see an option to make the product hidden, so we can do testing (for multiple options) before we make it available, or to provide a customer with the link for special products that are not public.

Per Order Surcharge - Currently we have the option of adding an additional shipping and handling fee per product. I would like the ability to add a shipping surcharge per order. The fee would automatically be added to the real-time shipping quotes.

Example: USPS Priority Mail displays as $4.05. If the order surcharge is $1.00, then USPS Priority Mail will display as $5.05

[quote name=‘disneyana’]Currently we have the option of adding an additional shipping and handling fee per product…[/QUOTE]

Really? How is this done?

From the Admin section:

Catalog > Add a new product

whatever value you enter into the Shipping freight ($) field

Hey All,

I wanted to give you an update on this as there actually is a way to do a per order surcharge (to cover packaging, etc.). For this example, we will focus on the USPS Priority Mail shipping method. From your admin panel:

  • Click on SHIPPING/TAXES > Shipping Methods
  • Click on the Edit link for USPS Priority Mail
  • Scroll down to Shipping Charges > Cost Dependences
  • Add a new charge

    More than $0.01…1.00…$Absoulte and click the Update button

    This will add $1.00 to the USPS Priority Mail shipping method for all cart totals that are over 1 penny. The normal 1 pound Priority cost of $4.60 will be displayed as $5.60 in the shipping method pulldown.