Hidden/Ghost Products after price update

Has anyone ever run into this before? I recently updated our prices using an Excel file since we have over 5000 products. Unfortunately I used an old excel file and it had a lot of our old inventory that we no longer carry. After our update we now seem to have almost 5,000 extra products. The problem is I can’t find the products on the CS-Cart admin panel. In the products page it still shows that we only carry 5000 products. But whenever I export a products or a quantity discounts Excel file it shows that we have over 10,000. I don’t know how to delete all of those extra “ghost” products since i can seem to access them through the CS-Cart admin panel.

I tried searching the forums but I couldn’t find anything like this.

They will be under the category ‘products’ OR you’ve uploaded the spreadsheet without product names and consequently the lines won’t display.

Thanks for the advice. I uploaded a excel file and the blank ones only had the information for product names and a price. but that’s it. And I have checked under Catalog/Products tab. Unfortunately, they are not in there. They only show up in the CSV files I export.

Try exporting your list, give the ghost products part numbers or SKUs (this is probably the reason they are not displaying). Also include the category column in your import and put them all in an entirely different category so they are easy to find. You can then go into that category and delete them.

That’s a great idea Lyn. I tried it but unfortunately the products only seem to show up when I export using the Quantity Discounts export option.

I tried the other export options Product combinations, Images and Products. The ghost products don’t seem to show up there (3 showed up when I used the Products export option, but the rest were not there).

The only data I see recorded for these ghost products are “Product code”, “Price” and “Lower Limit”. And they are only visible when I export a CSV file using the Quantity Discounts export.