Hidden Columns on Product Pages


I’ve just started having issues where on certain product pages the left & right columns have dissapeared or are being hidden/covered up…

Check it out:


[url]http://www.protein-zone.com/proteins/bsn-syntha-6-2-29kg.html[/url] shows no columns!? like many other products

yet [url]http://www.protein-zone.com/proteins/protein-zone-whey-protein-2-27kg.html[/url] shows the columns fine???

I havent edited or altered anything which can effect this I’ve tried clearing the cache and doing lots of other things but with no luck!?

The only thing I have altered is the code in the view.tpl so that FREE SHIPPING shows a banner

fixed it even though I already restored the view.tpl to the original it didnt work I redownloaded and restored and its back operating again thankfully!