Hi..i am new ( french )

I am sorry for my bad english, but i try learn :slight_smile:

for my first entry here i have small question … i find many error in french translate where i can modify - thanks before for your answer …

Sam .

PS: i purchasse CsCart today and i am verry happy … ( before i use osc and cre…) berkkkkk cs cart …is the top of top !

Hi Samsam,

Admin-> Languages

thanks thats ok …

other question if i can :wink: how i can change title of main page ( cs-cart:xxx )

thanks …


i am stupid.:confused: … the solution is in admin-language …

Admin → Languages

Search for ‘page_title_text’

It would be worth your while searching for ‘cs-cart’ ‘cs-cart.com’ and ‘cscart’