HelpDesk Support Addon Custom Configuration

Hey all,

I've been using the HelpDesk Support Addon, by Snorocket, for about 5 months now, and must say it has been an extremely useful tool. It has really helped organize customer inquires, and has allowed me to reply to them in a much faster way.

That being said, I'm wondering if anyone here has spent some time working with the code, and may be able to offer me assistance with the following:[list=1]

[]In the admin panel: show the “last replier” as a visible field of the help desk ticket table.

]Be able to advance search by “ticket status”; such as open, closed, etc.

[*]Be able to multi-select old tickets for deletion. Alternatively, have “closed” tickets auto-delete after a certain length of time. Say 2 months.


I have noticed that tickets really pile up, and that can't be good for the admin's overall optimization. I've also got a couple of those “special” customers that send me the same ticket 9 times, thinking I'll respond quicker. I don't see their logic.

Anyways, any help/insight would be much appreciated. This may be a nice side project for someone looking for a little extra work.

PM me, or post response in this thread for all to see.


i have spent some time on the code actually… on the index of the admin i changed it to look like this and when you click on it, it takes you to the actual ticket not the user profile…


What code modifications did you make?

IS snorocket still alive ?? I am interested in the Knowledge base , I pretty certain we chipped in pre development but when i just landed on there site the link to demo gives 404

Doesnt really fill me with confidence , sent email via the item contact form no reply, ideally would want cs cart integrated but need a KB script fast , anyone tried the latest version ??