Help With Website Global Filter To Show Products By Location

I need to know if it's possible to add to the home page a filter to show products in the whole website by Province.

I am providing some links to different websites where they have that feature. (in this one, they use the map of Cuba as a filter. When you click in a province, the website updates and shows only products for that province) (in this one, you have to select next to category the location. Then you will see a small pop up windows that show you Province and Cities. When you select the Province and City, it will update the website and shows the products available for that place) (here right after you access to the website you will see a small windows that pop up asking your country. You have to select Cuba, and then it will ask you to provide the province and city. After that, the website will show only products available for that place)

Is this possible to do in CS Cart with the tools it has, or this require customization? In case that should be done by customization, how much could cost this job?