Help with title tag

My wife owns website through cs-cart and has never been able to get title tag changed to what she wants it to read. It just reads “cs cart” instead of her title of “Racheles Originals”. She has contacted cs cart by email and was told she needed to pay for upgrade to be able to do this. She in turn has found some info but we do not completely understand how to do it. If someone can give me some input or info on how to make changes it would be greatly appreciated.

/skins/yourskin/customer/meta.tpl that file contains the info you may want to change.

Just remove the cs-cart and replace it with your wife’s website name.

Or you can do it from the admin cpl. LOOK & FEEL/Site layout/Page Title.

For titles for product pages, you’ll have to open each product in Manage Products and enter an SEO name in the box.

This is for version 1.3.5. Earlier versions are a bit different.