Help with SSL images not displaying

I installed a secure certificated, enabled ssl in the admin and when I pull up the site the ssl seems to work but some of the images do not display. The IE security warning pops up and says part of the page is not secure. Looks like the images.

When I right click on the image the path shows it trying to pull the https path. Same with the admin section page is slow and images are not coming up secure.

Link to the site is [url][/url]

Thank you in advance for your help.

You must have your SSL turned off right now. No matter where I go in your site I can’t get to a https page.


I just turned it back on.

What i did was disable Hotlink Protection and it help the ssl images to display and removed the IE warning on the checkout page.

But the IE warning displays on the other ssl pages: ex: [url]Sign in - Seating Connection Authorization

The issues removing hotlink casued. I had to disable SEO rewrite and when I try to enable it it says:

SEO URLs can’t work for now - they were disabled. Please check your webserver and URL manipulation engine settings

I It might be something with the htaccess file?

Thanks for helping…I truly appreciate it!

I was able to get most of the issues resolved.

Looks like when I enabled hotlink in cpanel it changed some of cs-cart files.

Not sure which files…I couldn’t find anything wrong with the .htaccess file…I’m new to php and c-cart but not new to problems :confused: … so luckly I always make backups.

I installed a backup from before I enabled Hotlink.

Now SEO url’s work with the SSL turned on and the images now display correctly. On the checkout page there seems to be no IE security issues or image issues at all.

On the My Account and other SSL login pages I still get the IE security warning. I may just disable it on those pages if I cannot figure it out.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I had a link to my live help in a block that was pointing to http: on the secure pages. I changed it to https: and all is working correctly.


Sorry about that. I deleted the other thread days ago? When I login to my account it only shows this thread. How do I delete the other?