Help with site speed...

Could I get some feedback from the members on how my site is responding? The address is

I appreciate any input!

Connection Speed Download Time (sec)

14.4K 196.95

28.8K 98.47

56K 50.64

128K ISDN 22.16

1.44MB T1 2.05

check out that awesome Testimonials mod, sweet…

Those numbers don’t seem that bad to me given the graphics. What do you all think? I’ve had some complaints about the speed.

Maybe a landing page would help.

And yes, the Testimonials mod is sweet!

The speed is terrible. It might help to optimize your graphics.

The logo alone is a huge 58076 bytes.

Google for how to optimize images for the web, it will help a lot.

It loaded in less than 2 seconds for me, but I’ve got a 10Mb/s connection, so I’m not the best overall test to go by. Roban’s data is accurate and is a good indicator of what the real world is getting.

On a side note, that green background is a bit difficult to look at if you don’t have the best eyesight. I’d go with something softer, such as a beige texture. Take a look at one of my websites, for an example. Feel free to swipe the background if you want.

at 8 megabits it took a longtime to load for the first time, almost 45 seconds

But only the first page and on the first access.

After that closing IE, opening again and going there took around 7 seconds to load the first page.

Browsing trough the store was quick.

You should also check your server. It may have lots of users hosting on the same server, and that will bring your speed down, specially in some hours of the day when others may have more trafic.

Also decrease your graphic sizes as much as possible, and take the images out of the database if they are being stored there (changing them to file system), as this slows down the cart a bit.

There is definetly something not right.

If you view your website at 1280*1024 the page is wider then it should be.

Guaranteed that is what’s causing problems.

It took about 6 seconds to load the first page here in the UK on a 8Mb line.

The way cs cart is constructed it does take longer than other ecommerce packages, my cs cart is 3 times longer to load than my others using cubecart. However the features of cs cart forgives the lack of speed.