Help with quantity discounts please...

Hello all,

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to apply a set of quantity discounts (or a single quantity discount) to specific products. Here is what I’m trying to set up:

1-5 wonderwidgets = no discount

6-11 wonderwidgets = 5% discount

12-17 wonderwidgets = 10% discount

18-23 wonderwidgets = 15% discount

24+ wonderwidgets = 20% discount

again for a specific (single) products.

Please give me some pointers. So for this is the only thing I can’t seem to figure out. Global discounts allow quantities but seem to affect all products and product discounts don’t let me set quantities.

A little walkthrough or tutorial would be nice. I’ve been through the interface and manual and just can’t seem to figure it out.

Never mind, support helped me with it.

Here is what the solution is for other people looking:

“In this case we advise you to use the “Wholesale trade” feature.

You need to enable the “Wholesale trade” module on the “Modules” page(the link to this page is in the “Administration” side box on the right of your administrator back-end).

After that you can set up wholesale prices for your products. You are able to set it up in the “Wholesale prices” tab of the update product page. For example please enter “6” (without quotes) into the “Amount” input field and your price for the product(when customer buys 6 or more items) into the “Price” input field next to it (the “Add new price(s)” section). Then click on the “Save changes” button. That is all.”

and if you want to change the “Our wholesale prices” to something else do this:

“CS-Cart stores all texts in so-called language variables. You are able to edit the variables under the “Language variables” section on the “Languages” page in your administrator back-end. Enter “Our wholesale prices” (without quotes) into the “Search for pattern” input field and click on the “Search” button on the page. You will see and be able to edit the language variable which includes “Our wholesale prices” text. Then click on the “Update” button at the bottom to save the changes. In just the same way you are able to edit any text you wish to change.”

Thank to Mikhail in support for the help!

Well now I’m sad again, here is what happend:

To support:


It looks like I found a problem with the wholesale pricing solution. I am selling items that have a non-inventory color option and if the customer chooses different colors even though the quantity is high enought the discount doesn’t apply. So if they have six red items in the cart the discount works fine but if they have three red and three pink the discount doesn’t work.

What do I need to change for the discount to apply regardless of the option choices?



1.3.4 - SP3

And here is supports response:

Unfortunately, there is no such ability to set up a wholesale price for the product, which will not depend on the product options in standard CS-Cart. We can offer you our custom development service. Please let me know if you want our development team to make this modification for you and I will forward your request to our quote manager.

And here is what I told them I’d like it to do:

In discounts and coupons global discounts you have the ability to set a quantity discounts that works all items regardless of options chosen. I’d like that ability added to the product discounts so I can apply a quantity discount to a specific product regardless of options chosen. So for example if I have a 10% discount applied to a spcific product for a quantity of more than 5 and a 15% discount applied for a quantity of more than 12 the discount would apply regardless of option chosen for the specific product.

This ability seems to exist in global discounts, I’d like it to apply to product discounts also. The wholesale function for quantity doesn’t work if the options are changed.

We’ll see what happens (and how much it costs).

Did you ever get this resolved? I would like the same thing, however it is based on the total price of a configure product. - your’s is quantity based and mine is price based, but looking at the files, it will need the same code adjustments. Let me know.