Help with Protx...please!

Judging by the lack of response to previous requested, i’m not holding out much hope, however, just incase any of you can help, i’d really appreciate it.

I’m trying to setup Protx Form. I’m using it for another web business so know its working fine etc. I’ve input all the correct information into the admin section, and i’ve done a url change within the protx_form.php file as it was an out of date url.

When i place an order, complete the protx form, i get sent to the order confirmation page on cs-cart to be told the order failed, and to contact the site owner etc. However, the protx system is accepting my payments no problem, and confirming by email etc etc.

Basically somewhere between the two (presumably in the protx_form.php code) the request sent back to cs-cart is be construde as a failed attempt, rather than a successful one.

Does anyone have an idea about this? What come be wrong?

I’d ask the helpdesk but my 30 day support has ran out!

Thanks to anyone who can help, i’m sure others are using protx form.