Help With Pre-Purchase Questions

Hello, I am looking at alternatives to Virtuemart and having looked at the demo of CS-Cart I am liking the workflow compared to the Magey one I have also been trialling (awful to administer IMHO and not at all logical)

I have a couple of questions though that I would love to know details for that I can try on the demo and see how it all works.

First and foremost I will be migrating from Virtuemart as already mentioned, the way that the product system works for variants needing stock control is a parent and child products setup. I have looked as CS Cart's global options and features areas but cannot see a way to attribute stock AND use the global options for a fast way to add new products where multiple variants are present.

In my case it would be along the lines of requiring a dropdown box showing: Size, colour, flavour where one variation may be 100ml bottle, orange in colour and orange in flavour - or same colour and flavour in a 500ml bottle but both needing separate stock control.

Is this possible and simple to incorporate?

I would also ideally like these attributes to be mirrored in the product filter function so 100ml, 500ml, orange colour and orange flavour are filterable. Is this an automated process or does each option need manually adding or tagging on to each product?

As I am sure you will appreciate, coming from a totally different cart is a little disorienting and although I can see many of the functions I would really like to retain or add it is the finer details as I come across them that need my attention and consideration - i'm sure more will show up over the new couple of days as I begin testing further.